Spirit of Life Lutheran Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) in Vancouver BC, was founded in 2010, carrying on the legacies of two venerable congregations, Augustana and Christ Lutheran churches.

We believe in the radical, “out of the blue” love and mercy of God, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ. We are a community of forgiven sinners who take up life together, ministering to one another, our neighbourhoods, and all whom God cherishes.

Our being and our ministry are all about Word and Sacrament: we preach and teach forgiveness of sins, and we share the meal of Jesus Christ with all whom he welcomes to his table.

Spirit of Life Lutheran Church is a welcoming and all-inclusive congregation. It is the closest Lutheran church to the Vancouver City Centre and is easily accessible by car, bike, or public transit.

For updates, services, event, concerts, and more, follow us on facebook.com/spiritoflifevancouver.

Sunday Services are uploaded and available for viewing Mondays on our Youtube Channel

In person services have been suspended as of Nov. 19, 2020 by the BC Provincial Health Office. We wait for further advisement of any changes.

Where to find us

Spirit of Life Lutheran Church
375 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 3V1                                              604 874-2212

Pastor Aneeta Saroop
cell: 1 250 812-5965          pastoraneeta@gmail.com


In the context of our regular worship of God, we exercise the church’s ministry of Word and Sacrament for the sake of faith in God’s good purposes. Faith is best understood as our trust in God’s promise in Jesus Christ. That frees us to take up life for the sake of a world in need. Our people show their love and concern for others by taking a loving interest in their neighbours, and more broadly attending to human need by supporting the work of organizations like the Lutheran Manor Society, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, the Surrey Urban Mission Society, and Canadian Lutheran World Relief. We are also collaborating with Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Richmond, in sponsoring refugees to Canada.


Spirit of Life Lutheran Church is a member-congregation of the British Columbia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. In turn, the ELCIC is a member of the Lutheran World Federation, the Canadian Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches. We Lutherans are also full-communion partners with the Anglican Church of Canada.


Spirit of Life Lutheran Church takes delight in collaborating with several artistic organizations, including the Vancouver Classic Guitar Society, the Arbutus Music Academy, VanDeca choir, and Gracenote choir. Through these fine organizations, our congregation promotes the arts, culture, and community.


A Commentary on the Artglass

Creation/Resurrection, Earth/Heaven, Humankind/God. Nowhere can a person be more at One with God than when experiencing Nature as God’s Creation. The majesty of Creation, so evident in the Vancouver area, served as primary inspiration for the commission. Visible suggestions of water, airy spaces, and plains erupting upwards into soaring mountains are evident—personal responses to the basic elements of Creation made so evident in British Columbia.

The design fills a practical need. Partially clear areas preserve desirable views while color and textures evolve to obscure unpleasantries creating a more personal and Spiritual space. Partially hidden vertical lines produce drama and excitement as one approaches the chancel from within. The same windows act as a “totem” or strong signage which announce, to the community the presence of the congregation.

Emotionally, the composition grows and evolves as it spills through the spaces, enveloping the viewers, cradling them within the sanctuary. The primarily cool and/or neutral palette of colors helps to produce a calming atmosphere, one conducive to healing, worship, and personal growth.

The effect is an intimate and protective sanctuary. At the same time, however, the clear areas allow a glimpse of the outside world, suggesting that one must not hide inside away from the world but rather should take Christian values and works out into that world.

The organic shapes are suggestive of the human element and evolve within the environment, interacting with more rigid, architectural elements. Suggested are the structures and restrictions, Moral, Spiritual, and Legal, within which we all live our lives. Seen as such, they provide a strong positive influence, much as the structures strengthen the design.

Arcs, suggestive of the rainbow as a visual sign of God’s promise to us all, span the various openings, helping to unify them as one, much the same as that promise helps to unify us as a people. The entry is the beginning and the end and one passes through a pronounced arc, or rainbow, when entering or departing.

I started with a basic response from which the design was developed. New insight and meaning developed as the work progressed and continues to develop each time I consider the composition. I hesitate to dictate particular meanings and hope that my thoughts will serve only as a starting point: a visual point of departure as each finds their own meaning.

Mark Eric Gulsrud, Artglass Artist